Merits are positive quirks in a Changeling's personality. They may be physical benefits, mental mastery or other things, such as supernatural forces at work. Every Changeling Kith has some Merits that are exclusive to them, things that only their species of Fae can do. The following table lists these particular Merits, which are also listed on the individual Kith's page. For Merits not exclusive to one particular Kith, see Merits.

Name Kith Description Point Cost Type Source Notes
Ancient Pact Sidhe Sidhe have various treaties and arrangements with Prodigals going back to the before the time of the Shattering. You still have valid ties to one "kith" of Prodigals or perhaps Gallain (Silver Fang Werewolves, Mannequin People, the Verbena, Clan Ventrue, etc), and may expect their aid--and to be asked to provide the same on their behalf. The details of the pact should be worked out between you and your Storyteller, but in general, the more often you ask for help, the less effective and willing the help will be. 5 Points Supernatural Unknown
Animal Speech Pooka Like Dr. Doolittle, you can talk to the animals. Unfortunately, this only extends to animals of your own affinity and any directly related. For each step away from you in the Animal Kingdom, communication becomes more difficult. For example, a tiger Pooka can speak fluently with other tigers in the tiger language, however he feels like an American in Paris with only a fourth grade understanding of the language when speaking to a bobcat. When attempting to converse with a housecat, the tiger Pooka is reduced to a vague understanding of body language. Whenever a Pooka attempts communication with a species other than his specific affinity, the player should roll Perception + Alertness versus a difficulty determined by her Storyteller, based on how far removed the species is from the Pooka's affinity. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Pooka
Blessing of Atlas Trolls All Trolls are significantly stronger than their fellow fae, yet there are those who exceed even these comparisons. They are as to their fellow trolls what trolls are to other fae. In game terms, a character with the Blessing of Atlas will permanently raise her Strength by one, and will also raise the potential maximum Strength pool by one. Trolls with this Merit are only slightly larger than their Kith, but even more defined. Should it become known that a character posseses this Merit, she will be expected to act all the more responsibly for it. 5 Points Physical Kithbook: Trolls
Blood of the Rivers Trolls The rivers, said to be the lifeblood of Trolls, are living things, and as such have a distinct lifespan. The passage of decades may change the course, or even the flow, yet it takes centuries or a cataclysm to destroy one. So, too, with Trolls who possess this Merit. They age much more slowly than other normal fae, without running the risk of Bedlam incurred from dwelling continuously in freeholds. In game terms, so long as a Troll is aware of the Dreaming, he ages at a rate one-tenth that of his bretheren. Should he be overtaken by Banality, however, he grows old and dies just like other mortals. Should he be saved from the Mists, he begins to age again at this reduced rate. Note that this does include Troll childlings, who pass through this stage as quickly as, if not faster, than other fae. 5 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Trolls
Call to Friends Pooka Creatures of your affinity will come when you call and back you up in a fight. Every species of animal has a special call that they use to summon others of their own kind to aid them. You have an innate knowledge of what this call is and you can use it whenever you need. For some affinities, it's a howl. For others, it's a cluck. However it sounds, it calls any of these animals within a one-mile radius to your aid. Even if you cannot make your voice carry that distance, the animals spread the word for you. All you need to do is reach one of the creatures of your affinity and, unless restrained somehow, that animal calls others. Like that, the "word" spreads quickly and your friends come running. The limitations of communication still apply. If the animals can't hear you, they won't know to come. If they can't figure out that you're tied to a chair and need them to gnaw through the know, then they're just going to stare at you dumbly. They don't teleport, so travel time is a factor. However, if they see that an ogre is attacking you, they'll jump right in and help you. This Merit works especially well when used in conjunction with the Animal Speech Merit above. The number of animals available to you varies depending on your affinity and where you're living. The Storyteller should assign a number of animals per success. For example, in New York, there may be only one alligator in the sewer within that mile, but there may be a hundred cats. Once this has been established, the player should roll Charisma + Performance to determine how successful her plea for help is. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Pooka
Calming Presence Pooka One advantage of your animal half is the ability to calm any animal with a quiet word or even a look. You may soothe children as well. Something in your scent, or your aura, conveys safety and security to the animal or child. A guard dog will rarely attack you, and when in your arms, babies calm and gaze up at you in fascination and wonder. If you are a domestic Pooka type (cat, dog, rabbit), you may use this in your animal form as well, by purring, licking, or lying quietly in someone's lap. (The difficulty of all Charisma rolls, except Intimidation is reduced by 2 when dealing with children or animals.) 2 Points Aptitudes Kithbook: Pooka
Chivalrous Heart Boggans Maybe one of your previous incarnations was knightly, or perhaps you just have an overwhelming sense of duty to those in need, but when defending those who physically need your help, you are at -2 difficulty on all rolls. 4 Points Psychological Kithbook: Boggans
Dead Friends Sluagh Sluagh have always been able to see, and sometimes talk to Wraights. However, you've gone beyond that sort of casual contact to the point where you've made friends with a few of those who've passed on. They bring you information, spy on your enemies, and generally keep you up to date on things that no living informant could ever possibly uncover. Having contacts who walk through walls can be extremely useful sometimes. On the other hand, these friends will expect you to do them favours as well, and some of those requests can get pretty bizarre. Plus, you never know when your nice Wraith friend is suddenly going to get nasty for no apparent reason, and he knows where you live... 4 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Sluagh
Death's Resilience Sluagh Sluagh are known for their link with the dead, but it is only a rare few that actually seem to retain the resilience that they are given from Scottish myths. You are one of them. You can ignore all wound penalties, whether chimerical or mundane, until you are dead. As a side effect, however, your Glamour gives off an unnatural feeling to those with high Kenning and this extends to your cantrips as well (a Kenning + Perception roll, difficulty 6, can allow other Kithian to recognize your particular Glamour). 6 Points Supernatural (?) Fanmade
Dexterous Toes Sluagh Hands tied? Too many things to hold? Not to worry--with Dexterous Toes you can work equally well with hands or feet. A Sluagh with this Merit can do anything she can do with her hands (fire a gun, play a musical instrument, etc.) just as well with her feet. Of course, a Sluagh carting items with her toes will be unable to walk. 1 Point Aptitudes Kithbook: Sluagh
Faster Redcaps This doesn't refer to the speed at which a Redcap moves, or eats, or does anything else. Instead, a Redcap with Faster can actually go 24 hours without eating. By spending a willpower point, the player can then have the character go another 24 hours, and so on until he runs out of Willpower. The downside to being a Faster, unfortunately, is that once the fast ends, the Redcap is compelled to eat enough to make up for all of the days he skipped. Furthermore, he'll feel the need to do so immediately. 1 Point Physical Kithbook: Redcaps
Flexible Heart Satyr Satyrs are the most tender-hearted of the Kithian. They bruise easily and bounce from one extreme of emotion to another. In such a dark world, people work hard to hurt one another, and goats feel the blows most acutely. They do not benefit from the solid lack of emotion that bolsters the trolls, nor do they have the haughty self-confidence that allows Sidhe to believe it couldn't have been their fault. Satyrs bleed. You, on the other hand, have learned to let these things roll off your back. You indeed feel the blows, but they don't knock you down. Supersonic emotional healing lets you avoid the moodiness that cripples other Satyrs. You love just as deeply as they do, but when your love leaves you, you can tell yourself that there are plenty of other opportunities for devotion, and you believe it. If you have a flexible Heart, you gain the use of one extra Willpower to control yourself in a situation, where another goat might over-react emotionally. Of course, even you realize that you may not be able to control your being forever if the situation continues, so you do all you can to extract yourself. 2 Points Mental Kithbook: Satyrs
Fly Fingers Sluagh In your fae seeming, your fingers end in suction cups akin to those of a fly. You are capable of climbing sheer walls, hanging upside down from ceilings, and otherwise defying gravity as long as you have something to hold onto. (The player must make a Dexterity + Atheletics roll.) Note: The fingers in question cannot be gloved in order for Fly Fingers to work. The toes of a Sluagh with this Merit are similarly affected, though the fingers alone are enough to support a Changeling's weight. 4 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Sluagh
Friend to Spiders Sluagh This Merit might more properly be called "Friend to Arthropods", but it was with the spiders that the sluagh first spoke, and hence the name remains. Nor is the relationship implied in the Merit's name as much as a friendship as it is a business transaction, but even the Sluagh have their sacrosanct traditions. If you are a Friend to Spiders, you can speak to all manner of creeping, crawling creatures (when the player makes a Perception + Enigmas roll, difficulty 7). While the conversation isn't as much an exchange of pleasantries as it is a swap of images and impressions, a tremendous amount of information can be gained by speaking with spiders in this fashion. Recent passerby can be noted, changes in the wind (and what they bear) can be uncovered, and other bits of vital information that might otherwise have passed you by can be gleaned from taking the time to speak with eight-legged informants. The number of successes earned indicated the clarity of information learned. 4 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Sluagh
Gift of Babel Eshu One of Eshu's original duties was to serve as Olorun's linguist, and as such he knew every language that ever was. Your character retains some of this flair and can potentially master an astonishing number of languages. You may learn twice the number of languages that a character with the same level of the Linguistics ability would normally be able to learn, and all training times with this ability are cut in half. Obviously, you must purchase some level of the Linguistics ability for this Merit to be useful; however, this Merit can be a godsend to diplomats and other characters who depend on the command of a wide variety of languages. This Merit can also be combined with the Natural Linguist Merit to make for a true mastery of languages. 2 Points Aptitudes Kithbook: Eshu
Good Listener Pooka All Pooka have the ability to get others to open up to them, however, you are a master confidant. A word here, a gesture there, you crack people open like clams and harvest their secrets like pearls. You say all the right things at all the right times. Your ability to listen makes others tell you their feelings, concerns, and hidden dreams. They don't know why they're telling you, but they usually feel better afterwards. You walk away with another gem of information to add to your collection. Is it any wonder that sluagh secretly envy Pooka? (All rolls related to your Birthright are made at a -1 difficulty.) 1 Point Aptitudes Kithbook: Pooka
Granite Skin Redcaps Some Redcaps are tougher than others. Some, in fact, are a great deal tougher than others, in part because in fae mien, their skin is quite literally stone. The stone is not more than skin deep, thankfully--it's quite literally an epidermal layer, and that's all. However, it does make a Redcap a great deal tougher than she might be normally, as well as leaving small flakes and chips of stone behind every time she bends or flexes. A Redcap with Granite Skin has the equivalent of two levels of armour at all times, with no area of her anatomy considered unarmoured. On the downside, Granite Skin also provides a +1 difficulty to all rolls involving moving quietly. The constant flaking and chipping of stone makes it nearly impossible for the Redcap to move without making some noise. And let's not even discuss the romantic implications. 2 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Redcaps
Gut Instincts Satyrs When you've got a direct line into the more primal of your instincts, you benefit from the ability to act without thinking first. In certain situations, this instinctiveness can be a very good thing. You may not always know why you are doing what you are, but once the dust has cleared, you realize it was the correct move. This Merit nullifies the effects of surprise and permits you to act normally, though you may not attack, only defend. In cases where you are not surprised, you may pre-empt your opponent's action. (The difficulty for all Wits + Alertness rolls are reduced by 1.) 5 Points Mental Kithbook: Satyrs
Hidden Strength, Hidden Stamina Boggans In days of old some Boggans were able to perform great feats of strength or endurance despite their diminutive size. You have somehow retained a small portion of that ability. You may have an additional dot in either strength or stamina, although you don't necessarily look as though you have the musculature to match. 6 Points Physical Kithbook: Boggans
Increased Pain Threshold Trolls Characters who possess this Merit still feel pain as much as others, it just doesn't affect them to the same degree. Legends are rife with tales of heroes who fight on, even while mortally wounded, only collapsing into death once the battle is won. In game terms, the dice penalty for each Health Level is reduced by one level. For example, a Troll who is Hurt reacts as if Bruised, and is only incapable of action when killed. This does not add extral Health Levels or reduce the severity of the wounds, merely the reaction to the pain each level incurs. 3 Points Physical Kithbook: Trolls
Inspiration Satyrs The Gift of Pan lets all Satyrs inspire lust in those who hear their music, which lowers inhibitions and strengthens resolve. When you play your instrument, however, you can inspire whatever emotion the song relays. A tender lullaby, when you play it, causes those listening to fall asleep. More rousing tunes get people's bodies moving and they feel the uncontrollable urge to dance. When you play a soulful dirge, your audience weeps. As with the Gift of Pan, only those who fail a Willpower roll (difficulty 7) feel the effects of your music. 4 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Satyrs
Intimidation Pooka Something in the way you move or the way your eyes shift over your environment worries people. You have a natural aura of danger that tickles the short-hairs on people's necks. You walk into a room and the crowd goes still. When passing you on the sidewalkm other pedestrians give you a wide berth, sometimes even crossing the street to avoid you. One look is all it takes. Only the bravest, most brash opponent will openly challenge you. This works in your favour, but it's a lonely way to go through life. Of course, this also draw the attention of those hard-asses looking for someone to knock down a few pegs. (You recieve a -2 to your difficulty on all rolls related to Intimidation.) 3 Points Supernatural (?) Kithbook: Pooka
Intimidating Stance Satyrs You talk a mean talk and walk a mean walk. And there is bite to match your bark. Whenever you enter a room, everyone turns around to look at you. For Satyrs, this presence isn't so unusual, but when others look at you, they appear concerned. Those who know you understand that you're just a sheep in wolves' clothing, but even they don't want to irritate or anger you. Something about you screams, Dangerous! You can exaggerate this effect whenever you want and, thus, actively increase your chances of intimidating someone. With a look or a gesture, you intimate what you wish to do with their bodies once you get hold of them, and they actually believe that you would. (The player must make a Charisma + Intimidation roll, though the difficulty is reduced by 2.) Note: This ability only works on other Changelings, since mortals cannot see all the subtle signals in the Satyr's demeanor. Humans naturally avoid this goat, but they wouldn't be intimidated by him any more than they normally would be. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Satyrs
Living Legend Eshu You are the living, breathing incarnation of some great hero or heroine; this does not have to be an actual historical figure, but can be a character from mythology or even (with Storyteller permission) a figure from more contemporary fiction. Note that you are an incarnation, not a reincarnation; you are not actually the reborn spirit of that individual, but the embodiment of the legend of that individual. Your mortal form must at least vaguely resemble your true "heritage", but your fae mien matches it perfectly. Any Kithian with even the slightest knowledge of the original tale will recognize you immediately, and you are likely to attract a great deal of attention in the cultures that gave birth to the legend. You must purchase at least 3 points of the Rememberance Background to take this Merit to reflect the tie you have to the original legend. All Rememberance rolls made while interaction with or remembering things from your legendary "past" are made at a -2 difficulty (minimum difficulty of 3). What's more, you gain an additional two dice to all Social rolls with those who recognize you, Kithian or otherwise; being in the presence of such a famous figure is impressive, to say the least! At the Storyteller's discretion, this Merit may also allow you to have knowledge of, if not access to, certain chimera or Treasures related to your legend. A character who is the incarnation of Roland cannow expect to be handed his famous horn, for example, but would be a storehouse of information about the itme and have vague ideas about where to look for it. Note that this Merit does not provide any further access to the capibilites of your legendary "ancestor" than this. Whether you are nothing more than a very convincing lookalike, or whether you can actually walk the walk, as they say, is a question of waht traits you choose during character creation and beyong. Your appearance and your "memories" may make it hard to get along unnoticed in ordinary society, and you may attract unhealthy attention from ogun and worse. It can also be very hard to live up to what is expected of you. Storytellers are encouraged to constantly remind players with this Merit just how exhausting and thankless it can be to live in the public eye. 5 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Eshu
Long-Winded Eshu This Merit reflects a capacity, both instinctive and trained, for being able to run long distances without becoming tired. Many of the cultures of the Elegbara homelands have employed long-distance runners as messengers and mail carriers for hundreds or thousands of years. A character with this Merit may run or jog at a steady (not sprinting) pace for up to 6 hours without feeling the least bit tired. After that, he must make only the normal Stamina checks to resist exhaustion once every half-hour; he makes all such tests at a -2 difficulty. this allows the character to essentially walk at a normal pace almost indefinitely, provided he takes occasional breaks for food and water and a brief nap every 2 to 14 hours. He may do this for a number of days equal to his Stamina rating before he must begin checking for exahustion. Note that this Merit does not apply to sprinting or other short-term bursts of speed, nor in other situations besides trabelling. It does allow a character on foot to cover a surprising amount of territory in a relatively short period of time, particularly compared to those on foot who lack this merit. 2 Points Physical Kithbook: Eshu
Loud Voice Pooka Some animals have voices that carry farther than a normal human's. You have the ability to project your foice as far as a wolf can howl or to shout as loudly as an elephant can trumpet. This comes in handy, but unfortunately, it also draws attention to you. Not only does your target hear you, so does everyone within a certain radius. The physical landscape can hinder this ability; buildings muffle; hills echo. In open territory, however, your voice carries for up to five miles, if you've conditioned it to do so. (Roll Stamina + Performance, difficulty 6, minus any modifiers for landscape. The number of successes determines how many miles your voice carries. On a botch, you strain your voice and suffer laryngitis for a number of days equal to your dice pool.) 1 Point Physical Kithbook: Pooka
Loyal Heart Trolls While all fae are conscious of the bonds of oaths, for you it is almost of a religious nature. Oaths are not something you take lightly, but are more than a matter of life and death. They are also a measure of your self worth, for they give your life a meaning beyond most. Whenever you are overwhelmed or dejected, the thought of your duties is enough to give you the strength to persevere. In game terms, you automatically succeed on all Willpower rolls, but only as they pertain to the fulfillment of your oaths. Similarly, the power of your sense of duty may be sufficient to allow temporary immunity to other supernatural effects (Storyteller's discretion). However, this is not a Merit to be chosen lightly, for those of Loyal Heart are unable to ignore the bonds of the given word. Specifically, no Willpower may be spent in any action having to do with the breaking of oaths. Consider whether or not your character would rather die than break her word, for it is that serious. Note: This is not cumulative with the effects of the Merit True Love, though it can be combined for purposes of roleplaying. 2 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Trolls
Nature Linked Trolls Legends are full of incidents concerning the connection to nature and strength; this Merit represents the positive aspects of such tales. Possessors of this Merit have a near mystical link to nature and all living, growing things in their own environment. They are rarely lost, and find food and shelter easily, almost as if nature itself is seeing to their needs. Characters who possess this Merit may subract two from all difficulty numbers when in natural surroundings. Cities and asphalt are not considered natural, though a park within a city might qualify. As always, the Storyteller is the final arbiter. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Trolls
Never Slayed Sluagh The legendary Slaying of Voices caused the Sluagh, as a kith, to lose their voices and forever cursed to a whisper. However through some odd twist of fate your voice has remained intact. Upon your Chrysalis, you gained an odd Chimera that hangs around you; it can be no bigger than a house cat or smaller than a bat. Whenever this chimera is touching you, you can speak at a normal level. However if it leaves your area, you fall to a whisper level immediately. If this chimera should ever get lost or stray away for a long time, you start to become very anxious and suffer a -1 difficulty to all rolls until the chimera returns. If the chimera should ever die, you must roll your Willpower (difficulty 7) or enter a catatonic state for a week. 7 Points Supernatural (?) Fanmade
Nightmare Form Sluagh Fear is what the Sluagh were born of. Long ago Sluagh were able to use this fear to change their shape into an incarnation of fear whether to scare a child straight or to prove a greedy monk or shallow innkeeper was corrupt. This form was thought lost to all Sluagh along with the ability to become a pile of ooze. However, you still have this unique ability. By spending a point of Glamour and rolling Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 8), your body stretches out completely as limbs and body become extremely thin while your eyes glow an eerie red and your face contorts into a gruesome visage. This takes a full turn to change and no actions can be taken, and the change cannot be done in front of mortals or the unenchanted. Once fully transformed into your Nightmare Form, you add one dot to your Dexterity while subtract two dots from your Appearance. Anyone who tries to attack or insult you must roll Willpower (difficulty 7) in order to do so or stop in their tracks due to sheer terror. This form allows you to deal Strength + 2 Aggravated damage with your hands. Mortals will see the transformed form but will be affected by the mists afterwards. Due to the stretching of the limbs, the transformation only lasts a scene. 5 Points Supernatural (?) Fanmade
Nightsight Sluagh Night blinds many eyes, but not yours. Regardless of the lighting conditions, your eyes adjust automatically, so that you can see equally well at high noon or midnight. The adjustment is instantaneous, so that if you are standing in a dark room and someone lights a candle, you are not blinded. 3 Points Physical Kithbook: Sluagh
Night Worker Boggans You have found that you prefer to work during the nighttime. Perhaps there are fewer distractions then. Whatever the reason, you have discovered that once you have set yourself to a task, you are capable of working all night long without ever growing weary. However, should you attempt this feat for more than two days in a row, you will fall into a stupor at daybreak and be unable to be woken until the following day. 2 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Boggans
Nimble Fingers Boggans All Boggans are sure of hand, but you're even more so. All rolls involving fine motor skills are at -2 difficulty. This could involve anything from threading needles to picking locks. 2 Points Physical Kithbook: Boggans
Passion Satyrs Over the centuries, Satyrs have lost some of their original passion. The goat with the Passion Merit has retained it in full. You persue your interests with the utmost intensity and usually succeed at them. Life holds many fascinating chances for you and you don't want to miss out on them. You grab them up greedily. Mundanities, such as money, mean nothing to you except when they result from the persuit of your Passion. And, because you focus your attention so completely on experience and self-improvement, you do achieve greatness. The Living Time does not affect you because you have the innate ability to handle your Passion. Concentration in this one area permits you to advance more quickly. (The difficulty for all rolls related to your Passion are reduced by 2.) 2 Points Psychological Kithbook: Satyrs
Physical Abnormality Pooka Some aspect of your animal mien transfers into your faerie mien. This may mean that you have prehensile feet or tail, the ability to climb verticla surfaces, a sticky tongue, eyes that rotate 180 degrees, extra legs, a scorpion stinger, venomous bite, tough skin, skunk spray, or any of a huge variety of unique attributes that affinities can have. The Storyteller determines the cost of the particular physical abnormality that allows him a special attack, he uses his own dice pool, rather than his animal dice pool. If the attack involves venom, then he injects no more venom than he would in his animal mien. Thus, a snakebite from the Pooka in his faerie mien does no more cumulative damage than it would if he were in his animal mien. Such venemous attacks deliver (at best) one die of damage unless the character also takes the Venomous Attack Merit. 3-4 Points Physical Kithbook: Pooka
Popular Sidhe The commoners in your area all seem to love you. Perhaps you are truly a good and just ruler, or maybe you've just manipulated them. Regardless, you subtract 2 from the difficulty of all Social rolls involving commoners. Other Sidhe may view you as a rabble-rouser. 2 Points Changeling Ties Unknown
Prehensile Tongue Sluagh One of the things that has earned the Sluagh a far worse reputation than perhaps they deserve, the Prehensile Tongue is something that comes in handy when one has no free hands. Essentially, your tongue is another limb, able to reach up to two feet from your mouth in order to grasp and wield objects. While a Prehensile Tongue doesn't make for the best of weapons, it still can be used for a poke in the eye or a revolting slap. (Players must make a Stamina roll, difficulty 6, if their characters are touched with a Prehensile Tongue; failure leaves the characters overcome with sheer disgust for a turn.) Note: In order for a Sluagh to use a Prehensile Tongue to pick something up or something else along those lines, the player must roll Dexterity + Athletics (difficulty 7). A success indicates that the Sluagh is in full control of his extra limb and need not check again this scene to see if he can use it. A failure indicates that the specific attempt fails; a botch leaves the protruding tongue hanging disgustingly limp down the character's front. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Sluagh
Puddle Sluagh As the centuries slithered past, the Sluagh slowly lost their ability to assume any form they desired. Gradually they became more and more restricted in the shapes they could assume, eventually being locked in a more-or-less human guise. But not you. With the Puddle Merit, you can reduce your form to a flattened pool of goo on the ground, ooze through the smallest cracks and crannies, and pour yourself into containers that shouldn't be able to hol you--and then assume your proper form, none the worse for wear. This trick is particularly useful for spies, couriers, and assassins. In order for a Sluagh to Puddle, the player must make a Stamina + Atheletics roll (difficulty 6). Moving while in Puddle form requires Dexterity + Atheletics (difficulty 7), while reconstituting takes Stamina + Athletics (difficulty 7). A botch on either of the last two rolls renders the sluagh an inert quivering mass, easilly caught and poured into a container for safekeeping. Failure simply means that the Sluagh must try again. 5 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Sluagh
Sex Appeal Satyrs The sway of your hips and the pout of your lips give you a natural sexiness and sensuality that attract lovers to you like flies to honey. Perhaps it's your pheromones. Whatever the cause, you are sex incarnate. You are irrestible. When you flert, you find many willing minions. This characteristic makes you the centre of attention at any gathering, since they all want to wholeheartedly please you. With a look, a word, or a wave of your hand, you can make or break hearts. Even the most cold-hearted are not immune to your power. Though this does draw unwanted attention sometimes, you almost always manage to extricate yourself from unwanted situations. (The player makes all rolls related to either Charisma or Appearance at a -2 difficulty.) 3 Points Physical Kithbook: Satyrs
Sexual Reverie Satyrs As a rule, Reverie requires the slow and careful cultivation of a Dreamer. The Changeling inspires a mortal to achieve greatness by tapping into the Dreaming and creating a Glamour-filled work. Some Satyrs, however, have the ability to bring mortals to such incredible heights of pleasure that the actual act of having sex produces Glamour that the goat can then harvest. This process takes more than one session usually, though in certain cases, the intensity of a one-night stand is enough. For these epiphanies to work, it must be more than just a literal bumping in the night: The Satyr must establish a special connection between herself and the mortal, which could be a smoldering desire that has built up over time and finally come to fruition, or a fulfillment of the mortal's fantasies, or some similarly magical circumstance. Finding the right time and place generally makes a huge difference, and the Satyr may prepare for months, trying to set up the perfect situation. For a Satyr to achieve epiphany through sex, the player must roll Manipulation + Empathy (difficulty 4). The number of successes rolled equates to the number of Glamour points gained by the Changeling. 4 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Satyrs
Speedy Hammer Nockers You are a fast and talented worker, even for your Kith. When building or repairing something, the difficulty of your craft roll is reduced by one. Additionally, you require one to three fewer successes on any extended rolls required when working on large or complex projects. This merit also reduces the difficulties of all mining rolls by two. 3 Points Aptitudes Kithbook: Nockers
Stone Skin Trolls Trolls who possess this Merit are physically tougher than others. In particular, their skin is denser, hearkening back to the tales of rock giants and moving mountains. In game terms, this gives the character one extra soak die with which to resist damage, but does not add any to Stamina rolls. Trolls who possess this Merit are stockier and heavier than other Trolls, and may have difficulty in even their mortal seeming with a world made for smaller people. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Trolls
Trusted Boggans You have the absolute trust of the locals, be they noble or commoner. This means easy access to stores of treasures or dross and to balefires. You are also considered to have the benefits of the merit Reputation. Of course, if the trust is abused too much, it will disappear. 3 Points Changeling Ties Kithbook: Boggan
Tunnel Vision Nockers Most Nockers are adept at working under low light and in poor visibility conditions, but you have inherited a gift from the original goblin miners. You can see in absolute darkness as though it was daylight; you suffer no vision penalties under such conditions. You can also see better than most in fog, mist and in other situations where visibility is obscured. The difficulties of your Perception rolls are never increased by more than one when your vision is obscured by a fog or mist. 2 Points Physical Kithbook: Nockers
Unforgettable Taste Redcaps In a sense, Redcaps are the fae world's most sincere epicures. They've got a taste for everything, and they never forget a taste. However, some of them do a bit better at it than others, especially when moving food is involved. A Redcap with Unforgettable Taste has a remarkable knack for remembering the taste of everything she's ever eaten, and being able to identify it instantly if she tastes it again. Furthermore, the Merit grants the ability to sense where the nearest supply of that taste might be. Under normal circumstances, that's fairly unremarkable. Being able to tell where the nearest batch of chocolate mousse or porterhouse steak doesn't really do much in the grand scheme of things. On the other hand, if the Redcap has gotten a bite of someone, the Merit serves as an excellent way to track that meal. Creative Redcaps have found other uses for this power, including tracking down poisons. 5 Points Physical Kithbook: Redcaps
Venemous Attack Pooka Your bite, sting or claw delivers venom of some sort into a victim when you choose to use it. This may cause considerable damage and perhaps death to those so attacked. You may only use such attacks when in your animal mien unless you also have the Physical Abnormality Merit. Whenever you use your venom, you gain 4 venom dice that your roll 4 times at half hour intervals over the nhext two hours of game time, subtracting one die each subsequent time you roll. Each time damage is indicated, it is added to the damage already accrued. See the chart below. The difficulty to inflict damage is a 6, as is the soak roll needed to offset it. Victims of your venom may reduce damage through Stamina soak rolls just as with normal damage unless they are allergic to your specific type of poison (an allergy to bee stings, for example). Generally the only type of Pooka who may take this Merit are those with potentially fatal venom such as rattlesnakes, black widow or brown recluse spiders, scorpions and the like. Storyteller approval is required to take this Merit. 5 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Pooka See Pooka for an example of Venom Dice.
Voice of a Songbird Satyrs All Satyrs sing, but not all of them have a voice that charms the apples from the trees. You do. the Gift of Pan carries through your voice and inspires passion without the use of a musical instrument. You have perfect pitch and can sing acappella without missing a single note or going off-key. Even when only speaking, your voice has a seductive quality that attracts people to you. This trait can be especially useful when trying to persuade others or when attempting to win over a potential lover. Whenever you make a Social roll that involves speaking or singing, add 1 to the dice pool. 1 Point Physical Kithbook: Satyrs
Wayfarer's Feet Eshu Your feet are especially durable and well suited to the long distances Eshu typically cover. You are comfortable going barefoot year-round, regardless of local temperature or weather conditions, and need not worry about such natural walking hazards such as splinters, city debris (including most broken glass), burning sands or jagged rock. For travel and traction purposes the character is considered to be wearing sturdy hiking boots at all times. This Merit does not protect from outright attacks or weapons of any kind, nor does it cover crossing extreme surfaces such as fire or lava. It also doesn't make the character's kicks do any more damage than normal. 1 Point Physical Kithbook: Eshu
Wholecloth Pooka When Pooka shapeshift into their animal form, they leave all non-chimerical items behind. This means that the Pooka's clothing, mundane items worn or carried and treasures cannot shift with the Pooka, but must either be left wherever the Pooka changed form or gathere up by a companion and brought along. It can be inconvenient and inefficient for the Pooka to leave his "cast-offs" behind. Imagine, for example, the Pooka who assums animal form to escape those chasing him only to discover the same people waiting for him when he gets home because his picture ID and address were in the wallet he left behind! This Merit allows you to avoid this annoying and potentially embarassing occurrence. With a moment's concentration you can subsume non-chimerical objects and items into your new shape. Thus, you can always have your clothing and other personal items at hand. The Merit does not allow you to pick up and carry any other living thing along with you in this manner. Thus it cannot be used to help both the Pooka and a companion escape. 3 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Pooka
Work with Iron Nockers Most Nockers cannot abide the touch of iron in any way, but your skin is resistant to its bite for some reason. This ability allows you to work in many real-world situations, and other Nockers envy you, though they also consider your condition somewhat suspect. This Merit is essentially the same as Iron Resistance (see Changeling: The Dreaming second edition); however, not only are you immune to iron, but your chimerical works are similarly resistant. 5 Points Supernatural Kithbook: Nockers