A Hengeyokai in the city.

The Sei are the native Changelings of Japan. Sei are a breed apart from the western Kithain, and there are many striking cultural and psychological differences. Indeed, even as Kithain find the Sei strange, the Sei find the Kithain equally baffling, referring to them as Fushigi-no Itoko ('Strange Cousins'). Despite the great Imperial past of Japan, the Sei have always stood apart from such rigid social structures, and if anything have long ridiculed and loathed such establishments. In fact, the Sei have often deliberately targeted the most conservative individuals, especially religious types, and people with over-inflated self-egos, as their main victims. The Sei are outlaws, and outlaws they will remain. While they have no Courts, and loathe the very concept, they do have two aspects to their psyche; one Radiant (Kagayaku) and one Shadow (Kage). The Hengeyokai find themselves evenly split between these Aspects, often fluctuating between them, depending on circumstance. The Tengu also walk this fine line, but are not so capricious, while the Oni favour Kage, and few Kappa are anything but.

Sei Character Creation


Common Kagayaku Aspects include Abu (Gadfly), Dokeshi (Prankster), Hakuai-shugisha (Philanthropist), Inshushi (Hermit), Jimpan-shugisha (Humanist), Junkyosha (Saint), Kanzan Ronsha (Aspirant), Kenjin (Sage), Kyoshosha (Paladin), Ronin (Knight), Shijin (Troubadour), Toho Ryokosha (Wayfarer).

Common Kage Legacies include Akuryo (Fiend), Bakamono (Fool), Bunretsu-no (Schismatic), Chikusho (Beast), Damasu (Rogue), Dorobo (Rake), Futeinoto (Outlaw), Gurotesukufu-no (Grotesque), Hanjimono (Riddler), Kibenka (Sophist), Kojiki (Wretch), Okubyomono (Craven), Sagishi (Bogle), Share-mono (Fop), Shukumeironsha (Fatalist), Yabarijin (Savage).

An Oni with traditional club.

Arts of Majinai

Arts of Majinai are the Sei name for Arts. All Sei favour Chicanery. They don't have access to Contempt, Sovereign, Chronos, Spiritlink or Naming.

The Kappa favour little else. The Hengeyokai also favour Legerdemain, Delusion and Wayfare. The Tengu also favour Delusion, Legerdemain, Primal, Soothsay and Wayfare, while the Oni also favour Delusion, Pyretics, Legerdemain, Primal, and Soothsay.


No Sei have access to Title, and they all tend to favour Chimera, Mentor and Treasure.

A human runs away from a Kappa.

Sei Lexicon

Arcadia: Otagi no Kuni

Banality: Heibon

Cantrip: Majinai

Childling: Kodomo

Chimera: Kosuteki-na

Foriegner: Gaijin

Freehold: Yosei no wa

Glamour: Mayowasu

Grump (elder): Toshi-ue no

Magic: Maho

Teacher: Sensei

Wilder: Sozoshii

Willpower: Ishino Chakra

A Tengu warrior.

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