Welcome to The Great Storybook, the Changeling Wiki's list of literature relating to or featuring Changelings. Most of these were written by individuals over at the now defunct Moonlit Trod, a Changeling fansite that went down somewhere between 2002-2005 (the jury is out on that since the forum there talks of taking it down in 2002, whereas the Wayback Machine has captures dating to as late as 2005), but I digress. All of the stories on the wiki are copyright of their original owners and are posted here with the intention of keeping them in existence, nothing more. I claim ownership only over the stories I wrote (will mark with a *). The stories are listed in alphabetical order, with no real concern to date of publication.

Story List

All the Tabloids

And the Beast

Attending Courts

Autumn's Dirge

The Bedtime Story

The Belfast Child

The Boggan's Tale

The Boogeyman

Burdens: A Tale of the Accordance War

Burning Rivers and Iron Knives

Calum's Punishment - A Nocker's Tribulations

Calum's Quest - A Nocker's Adventure

The Changeling

Change and Chrysalis

The Chrysalis of a Sluagh


Curious Stevie

Date with Destiny


The Dauntain's Glade

David's Revenge

Diary of a Redcap


Dream Dances You May Not Have Thought Of


Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective

The End of the Dream


Et in Arcadia Ego, A Meditation on Faerie

Faerie v Fairy

The Fairies

The Fairy Nurse

Fiona in the Whole Wide World

Goat of Mendes: Birth of a Dauntain

The Gray Walker and the Unicorn: or How the Scathach Acquired Their Boon

How the Princess Got Her Sword

I to My Perils

Information Comics*


Just a Dream


Looking Through the Mirror

Longing for Lost Love

Love Circle

The Mask of Gray Death


Mistypaw's Tale

Mistypaw's Poetry

A Moonlit Night

The Muse's Song

Offshore #173

One of History's Favourite Shortcuts

Pair of Conundrums

Pranksgiving Day

Remembering 10:38


The Saining of the Sluagh

Scarborough Faire

Second Chance

Seraphim - The Chrysalis of a Sidhe


She Dreamed of New Orleans; or For the Love of Redcaps

Sir Mikel Thunderfist

A Sluagh Story*

The Smell of Leaves

Song of Sixpence

Stolen Child

Tales Around the Balefire


Transcribed from a Dream

Truth: A Hero's Descent

Truth and Obsession

Truth and Visions

Truly Dancing

Untitled (Or, The Story of a Family)*



Why the Scathach Wear No Colours

Wolf in the Fold

Wolf Penned In

Young Travelers