by Danny Tauber

Void. Oblivion. Nonexistance. Without being.

Nothing. Absolute Nothing.
Total lack of substance.
Boring. Utterly boring. Completely and deathly boring.
Death, good one. Too much time non-existing among humans.
Time. Another good one.
Still nothing.
Still boredom.
Utter and complete boredom.
creativity, Laughter, LOVE!
Image forming, shape even. Image of... of...
unknown, but still an image. Still a shape.
name, title,
Anthony, By Leah O'Toole
substance. Material. Steel.
not steel anymore, but Art.
Beautiful, loved Art.
Admired. Viewed. Happiness, fulfilled. Satisfaction.
time passes. surroundings change.
more change...
strange feeling.
Transferrance. Change in name: Glamour. Glamour is feul. Feul for J.D.
J.D. Changeling. Nocker. Fae. Seelie. Arcadia. Dreaming. Glamour.
Feul. Needed. Survival. Happiness. Much happiness.
time passes.
Change again. Queasiness. Wait, change is welcome. New shape, new form.
Dragon. Roar (hee hee). Small dragon, but i'm still a dragon. Hold the
phone... *I*?!?!? Sentience?!? Yes, sentience. Fun, this is fun.
I've got wings. Wings are for flying. Flying is fun. Enough of this frivolous stuff, J.D. created me and now he wants me to do something for him, i've got to listen. Crying? J.D., why are you sad? Bait? You created me to be the bait for a Dauntain? J.D.? Oh... i understand. He'll only attack sentient chimera. His tastes are too pure for normal chimera. That's one sick puppy. Cheer up, J.D. Cheer up. Please stop crying. I'll do it, i'll be your bait. Just so long as we catch that Dauntain. Heave a chimerical brick at him for me, though, will you? Thanks, J.D.
What's the first step? The city? shiver. oh, the park. Well, that's a bit better. Just fly around? I can do that.
Flying, flying flying, flying. Duck! tree. hee hee. Ooh, look, children. I'm not looking for children though. Hmmm... where can that guy be? Hey look, there must be a changeling down there. If nothing else it's a little kid absolutely beaming with Glamour. He looks like he's having fun. I wonder if he can see me. I'll fly closer and take a look.
YAAY! He can see me! He looks so happy to see me, too, his face just lights up. Closer? OK, i'll come closer. AAAAAAAKKKKKKK!!! A net?!?!!?
panic fear immobile taken carrying me? where? house room bedroom table
chimerical clamps
chemistry set nocker? not like any nocker i know thinning, melting losing mass glamour glamour